Getting LSAT Testing Accommodations

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Getting LSAT Testing Accommodations

If you have a medical condition that puts you at a disadvantage on the LSAT, you can apply for accommodations to ameliorate that disadvantage. You’ll need to complete an application and have your attending doctor complete another form in order to be considered.

There are some standard accommodations such as extra time, extra breaks, pencil-and-paper format, and braille format, but you can seek specific accommodations that aren’t enumerated on their website. It helps if it’s an accommodation you regularly receive before requesting it for the LSAT.

Will law schools know that I got accommodation?

No, and in fact, LSAC used to inform law schools about those accommodations until they got sued by students, and now it’s not disclosed to law schools. So, don’t worry about the effect having accommodations will have on your application.

But please don’t try to get accommodations just because the LSAT is hard and you’re having a hard time improving your score. I had to take the LSAT more than once to truly reach my potential, and my mind was sharper for it. It really did help me prepare for law school. And you’re diluting the effectiveness for students who really need it. 

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