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Lots! The main way we provide value is by giving presentations to your members and giving them discounts on our products and services, including essay editing, admissions consulting, and LSAT prep.

We get a chance to show your members that our services are worth purchasing (with their discount, of course). All you need to do is set up a presentation and advertise it to your members, and we will take care of the rest.

Most of our presentations are virtual presentations. We'll provide a Zoom link for your members, and all they have to do is show up at the appointed time.

Nothing! A successful presentation is beneficial for your members and PSU alike, so we never charge.

We currently give in-person presentations to groups in the Los Angeles area, but we hope to be able to expand our in-person presentations soon!

There's a list of our current presentation offerings in the drop-down menu right below this one.

We know everything there is to know about getting into and through law school. If you can think of a topic, we can probably create a presentation for you. Schedule 15 minutes using the Calendly link at the bottom of this page if you'd like to discuss it.



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Mission Statement

Personal Statement University is dedicated to leveling the law school admissions playing field by helping applicants find the right schools and present their strongest case for admission at a fraction of the price charged by traditional admissions consultants.

We do this by teaching each applicant to find and shape their unique law school story through the process of writing a personal statement. The result is a set of tailored law school applications that target the schools most receptive to the applicant’s message and best suited to their career goals.

About Our Founder/Your Presenter

Branden Frankel graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Minor in English Literature. After taking a break from logic, Branden took the June 2006 LSAT, scoring a 175, a 99th percentile score. His experience teaching LSAT prep for Testmasters before and during law school at UCLA School of Law deepened his understanding of the test and of how to guide law school prospects through a notoriously difficult and confusing application process.

At UCLA, Branden participated in the Innocence Project, El Centro Legal Clinic, and the Criminal Trial Clinic, working and communicating with a diverse range of colleagues, mentors, and clients. Over his 2L summer, Branden interned at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office’s Central Crimes Division, which prosecutes misdemeanor offenses throughout the City of Los Angeles. During this time, as a certified law clerk appearing under the supervision of a Deputy City Attorney, Branden opposed and defeated a motion to suppress a handgun which led to a defendant accepting a plea agreement.

After law school, Branden practiced patent litigation at the mid-size firm Russ, August & Kabat, working with the trial team that won a judgment of over $20 million from Hyundai Motors for patent infringement at a federal trial in the eastern district of Texas. Since leaving that firm, Branden has practiced business and environmental law as corporate counsel for a recycling firm and taught LSAT and bar exam preparation for several national companies.

Branden was approached again and again over his time as an LSAT instructor by aspiring law students seeking help with their personal statements. Knowing how central writing is to success in law school and as a lawyer, Branden understood how important it is to demonstrate strong writing ability in a personal statement, and, over more than a decade of helping students with their personal statements, Branden developed the method that comprises the Personal Statement University course.

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But it turned out that the students asking for help were only the tip of the iceberg. After doing informal research, Branden discovered that most law school applicants see the personal statement as a relatively unimportant part of their application package, and no more important than a personal statement would be in a medical school or accounting school application.

Students with strong LSAT scores and GPAs often get rejected on the basis of weak writing, and they don’t even know why they’re getting rejection letters from schools at which their numbers should make them strong contenders. That’s why Branden started Personal Statement University: to give every applicant the tools needed to write a personal statement like a future lawyer, even those who can’t afford a high-priced law school admissions consultant.