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Before deciding on a school, I had a call with an admissions officer to negotiate an increased scholarship. She told me she would never forget my personal statement, which almost made her cry, and that it was, 'the most raw, real, and actually personal statement [she] had read in a long time if not ever in [her] time on the committee.' She ended up recommending they raise my already generous scholarship to a full ride and threw in on-campus housing. I accepted.

Claire M.
2L at an ABA accredited law school

With a clear idea of where I was headed, it became easier to shape my experience into a logical story leading to law school. And while that would have made for a good personal statement, it wouldn’t have been memorable. Branden encouraged me to be vulnerable and to bring the reader along. That was difficult, but I had a structure to organize my experience into a compelling story. I was offered a near-full scholarship to a highly-ranked law school, and my personal statement played an important part.

Jonathan B.
practicing attorney and recent law school grad