8 Law School Personal Statement Tips

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Law School Personal Statement Tips

Law schools understand that you are more than test scores and GPAs. That is why they require a personal statement. A personal statement for law school is a chance to show the admissions committee the depth of who you really are. It is your opportunity to showcase your personality, writing ability, and hopes for the future. 

Don’t be intimidated just because you aren’t sure how to write a personal statement for law school. Admissions committees aren’t looking for ten pages of breathtaking prose that brings a tear to the eye. They want to know what makes you different from the many, many other applicants they review. Why should they choose you? PSU has the following tips to help you stand out as you write your law school personal statement.

Focus on You

The personal statement is personal because it is supposed to be about you. Don’t spend most of the essay extolling those who inspired or encouraged you. Give the nod to them, then focus on how you are planning to use that inspiration in your goals for the future. Demonstrate you have the skills to survive law school through your experiences, not the experiences of others. 

Brainstorm Big First

Paint broad strokes while you brainstorm. You will have time to narrow down to a single theme and purpose as you plan and edit your drafts. Start with listing hobbies, accomplishments, awards, volunteer positions, internships, and jobs you have had in the past. Having too much to work with is easier than having too little to work with. With a broad spectrum of activities and accomplishments laid out, you can sift through a common theme among them. 

Be Genuine 

Admissions committees can tell when you are exaggerating or trying too hard. You don’t need to tug on their heartstrings or seem invincible. What they want is to see a person capable of growing and learning from their past. 

Write a Crummy First Draft 

Give yourself permission to write a crummy first draft. That is why it is called a first draft. Let go of the pressure to be perfect right away. Get your thoughts onto the page in a stream-of-consciousness-style draft. This gives you a base to work with, which you can edit and rework as you go. 

Have a Purpose 

Demonstrate your ability to work with a purpose. Craft a narrative around a common theme or a single story. Write about your journey to this point in life and where you want to go from here. How have you actively taken advantage of the opportunities around you or made your own when there were none?

Grab Attention 

Be straightforward, but don’t be boring. Demonstrate your ability to think creatively while still communicating clearly. To capture attention, tell your “why” through a story that is uniquely you. 

Exhibit School Values 

Be clear that you understand what the school represents and what values they uphold. Exhibit that you have specifically chosen their school for a reason. Explain what makes you believe you are a right fit for them. 

Edit, Edit, Edit 

The devil is in the details. No matter how compelling your writing is, poor grammar always stands out like a sore thumb. The result makes you look careless or ignorant, neither of which makes a compelling argument for acceptance.

Personal Statement University Can Help

Writing a personal statement may feel like an insurmountable task—when, in truth, it is doable. With a little direction, anyone can develop the skills to write a compelling and genuine personal statement. At Personal Statement University, our entire purpose is to help you through this daunting step of law school applications. 

PSU has streamlined a process that shapes an applicant’s background into a unique and eye-catching narrative. We help our students stand out from the crowd and get seen. To ask questions about our course or speak to our writing staff about your draft, contact us today

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